About Us

Tsunagu LLP is a project-based organization created to provide solutions for “challenging” issues to business and private customers. The first step towards the creation of this LLP was taken by Zip Create Co.Ltd, who was faced with the every increasing cost of customer acquisition in the the construction industry. One solution was to reduce personnel expenses, meaning a reduction in the number of employees. But if the number of staff is reduced, it will take even more time to survey, move and input data, and increase work per person to generate even an estimate for potential clients. However, we succeeded in solving this dilemma by developing a solution called Units Scan. The Units Scan Software would not have been born without the partnership of MAS Global Japan Co., Ltd. which is a company that specializes in custom software solutions. In the future, we at Tsunag LLP hope to spread our Units Scan as a solution to the world with a joint venture of the below named companies and their individual strength in Internet sales, web marketing and software development.

ZIPS Create Co. Ltd.

Zips Create was established in 2010 and is a company that is active in the fields of reformation, renovation, planning and building maintenance in the construction industry. Providing the testing ground and feedback for the adaptation of Units Scan to the reality of this industry is one of the many reasons for it's easy of use and project oriented approach.

MAS Global Japan Co. Ltd. Logo
MAS Global Japan Co. Ltd.

Established in 2010, this company is a team consisting of IT developers, programmers and engineers. MAS Global Japan Co.,Ltd. provides custom enterprise grade software and IT solutions that turn ideas into reality. In the development of Units Scan this company takes the center role for all technical development and maintenance.


Established in 2018, this still very young company prides itself in the prior experience of its staff in business consulting, web based sales, online marketing and the inclusion of new technologies to solve existing problems for client companies.