Using Augmented Reality for your Business Advantage

No more highly specialized equipment only experts can use.

Go from survey completion to itemized quote with Units Scan in only a easy few steps that even untrained employees can handle.

Benefits of Units Scan

1. From survey to quote in a few easy steps

2. Cut time cost of the invoicing process by 67% or more

3. Reduce human error to zero during quote calculations, etc..

Significant reduction in time costs.

To survey, annotate, and complete calculations of the average 2 bedroom apartment, a veteran staff requires roughly 1 hour using a conventional laser level.

Units Scan on the other hand will accomplish the same task, even with untrained employees, within 20 minutes from surveying to quote. Compared to the conventional method the time cost is expected to drop by 67%.

Furthermore, the staff does not need to return to the office, and it is possible to make surveys one after another to create a quotations without having to return to the office.

Stop wasting valuable time and working hours on menial tasks, using Units Scan.

Easy, and accurate.

All you have to do is look around.

Units Scan doesn't require pen or paper or a conventional laser level, all you need is an AR capable device to achieve more with less and even have your hands free in the process.

The error margin using Microsoft Hololens as your primary sensor input is within less than 5% and therefore ensure the needed accuracy for the quotation process to your customers. Further accuracy gains are expected with the deployment of high accuracy sensors like the Leica BLK360.

All survey data will automatically be recorded and on command sent to any preset terminal, making the workflow easy and free of human error.

Free your company from mountains of paperwork and gain back many working hours with the uncomplicated data acquisition and transfer by Units Scan.

Enjoy the easy data management and exchange.

Drastically free up work-hours and free your staff from menial tasks like data input.

All surveying data is automatically sent to predetermined terminals at your office in a digital fixed format and fully prepared for final quote to your customer.

This allows for an fully automated workflow starting with data acquisition at the customer location up to the finalization of the quote and invoice to this customer.

2D floor-plans will be automatically generated, speeding up your workflow even more.

Even staff without the prior experience of surveying will be able to efficiently realize projects from surveying to quotation on site.

Easy and accurate human error and work-time needed are reduced, enabling significant cost cutting.

Units Scan eliminates the following workflow problems:

  • Anxiety to leave the survey to staff without experience
  • No matter how much care one takes, there will be human error during the data collection or calculations leading up to quotations.
  • Not enough staff to fill work orders on time for all your clients

Units Scan is not just "measuring". It is a solution that will solve your problems for you!